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FF8: Edeas Garden

Epilogue: The Aftermath.

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Epilogue :

The Aftermath.

It took several weeks to clean up the wreckage with the help of the Galbadian Garden, as well as the forces of Esthar.

As for how the SEEDS, students, and surviving Cadets felt about what happened to their home, none could really say. It was as if the tragedy had forced them to look at the world with open eyes.

They had no home, and further more the two heads of the Garden were dead.

Sure it was nice of President Loire to offer up temporary homes in Esthar City for the survivors, but it just wasn’t the same. It wasn’t, home. It wasn’t Balamb Garden.

As for Rinoa? Well, she seemed to be back to normal. No more thoughts of destruction. Though she wasn’t so very keen on going back to Deling this time. Not with Squall in an infirmary bed, along with Seifer, Ellone, Raijin, Fujin, and some small kid. With a vigil that akin to a praying Nun she never left the infirmary.

Selphie had become a silent woman. No more was she the happy go lucky girl from Trabia, it was as if the death Zell had a profound effect on her. On some nights she would be seen, sitting at the window of her apartment just looking wistfully at the Horizon in the direction of where Balamb had crashed.

Irvine had changed too. No longer was he the womanizer of old. In fact he spent more time trying to get Selphie to go out, without much success.

It was on such an occasion that Irvine had tried to get Selphie out and about, to see other people, and like always she turned him down.

"Aw, come on Selphie. You can’t just sit here day after day. You’re wasting away." He said the worry in his voice, more then apparent. "You’re wasting away, and this isn’t like you."

"I don’t care." Selphie muttered as she turned her head away from Irvine and continued to look out the window.

"Come on Selphie, just come outside for a little while?" Irvine pressed.

"I don’t want to. Please leave." She replied with a low hollow tone in her voice.

Irvine sighed and gave up in defeat, opened the door to her bachelor apartment and closed it quietly. Placing the new cowboy hat on his head firmly he walked down the apartment hallway with a flourish, his trench coat softly rustling as he walked.

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