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FF8: Edeas Garden

Chapter 20: Evacuation.

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Chapter 20:


The three SEEDS, that Quistis had sent took no time at all to get to the designated point, they were told to go to. Opening the door, they took in the surroundings and nodded quickly to the Cadet Team.

"Good work." The squad leader said to Andrews team, as the SEEEDs set about lifting the bodies, of Edea and Rinoa. "Orders, to evacuate take priority, so you best come with us."

Andrew nodded, as he looked at his two friends, and took one last look at the doctors office, and then followed the others. He had a bad feeling, and usually his bad feelings were right.

As the six of them ran down the hallway, leading to the front gates where they were told to meet with the other evacuating personnel and staff, he couldn’t help but feel, that something would happen. As the group passed the elevator, he saw it open and the kid Jay step out.

Tapping Crystal on the shoulder he mimed that he spotted Jay and that he was going to go retrieve him. Crystal nodded and then turned on her head set.

"Quistis. Jay has been found. Cadet Andrew Bird is going to retrieve him from the elevator. Where are you?"

"I went to the hanger bay, and ran into President Loire and his friends, we are currently in the Esthar Ragnarok model 2.." Quistis replied promptly.

"Then I assume you’ll be evacuating from there?" Crystal asked as she jogged to keep up with the others.



Irvine leaned against the wall, and looked at the sleeping Selphie on the floor of the Ragnarok, that Squall and Rinoa brought back from space with them after the events of the Lunar Cry. With a sigh, he cast Esuna on the sleeping girl and prepared for the worst.

To his surprise the girl woke up quietly and rubbed her head. In silence she looked at Irvine, and then looked away.

"Selphie.." Irvine said as he looked at the back of her head.

"I don’t want to talk about it." She said as she stood up, and walked quickly to the pilots seat. "We’ll talk about it later."

"That’s all fine and good, but we have less then a minute to evacuate thirty SEEDS, from Balamb Garden. Cids given orders to evacuate."

"Fine." Selphie said as she started the engine.


"Let go of me." Jay spat at Andrew as he was dragged along towards the front gate where people were evacuating into the SEED regulation boats.

"Not a chance." Andrew barked over his shoulder. "That disappearing act you pulled could have gotten you killed. I’m going to personally make sure you’re on an evacuation boat if it kills me."

"Careful what you wish for." Jay grunted as he was thrown into a SEEDs arms and dragged onto the last evacuation boat. Andrew was about to follow when the SEED shook his head.

"Sorry, we’re all full. You’ll have to head to the hanger, and you better make it quick. Less then a minute left."

Nodding his head firmly, Andrew turned and jogged away from the last boat and turned to the right, and past the Library. Leave it to the designers to design the garage at the back of the Garden. Andrew thought, with a chuckle.

Putting on a burst of speed, Andrew ran the last leg of his detour to the hanger bay. It would have only taken him a few moments to run up the ramp of the last remaining Ragnarok ship, the newer slim line version from Esthar, when he felt the burning sensation of fire on his shoulder. Turning on his heel and jogging backwards, he saw to his dismay a Bomb monster leering at him, and waving its fiery stubby hands as it bobbed in the air.

"Of all the god damn times!" Andrew grunted, as he pulled his spear from the casing on his back and readied to fight. "Today just isn’t my day." He grumbled.

Behind him the intercom of President Loire’s Ragnarok ship, blasted with a voice he had only ever heard in the news broadcasts.

"There’s no time to fight. Just turn and run." Kiros’s voice suggested.

Andrew scowled and shook his head. There was no way he was just going to run from this fight. Bombs were his specialty. After several years of intense training he was strong enough to get them in just two hits, this he thought would be a piece of cake.

Lifting his favored weapon of choice, he threw his arm back and threw the spear, realizing too late, that the Bomb was somewhat larger then he was used to dealing with. Eyes wide in horror, he realized that this particular bomb, must have survived a previous fight, and was close to its own suicidal attack.

"Uh, Oh." Andrew muttered as he turned to run, realizing that he had a slim chance of escaping a Bombs suicidal blast.


"Ouch." Laguna sighed as he watched the kid turn and run, only to be blasted by the Bomb that took up chase. "Poor guy, just didn’t want to run." He said looking at Kiros. Both men were looking out the main window of the Ragnarok ship and saw the whole thing.

"Truly a pity." Kiros whispered as he shook his head. "He clearly did not survive the blast." He said indicating the now prone and lifeless body on the ground, covered in several burns.

"You sure?" Laguna asked as he sat down and swiped his hands through his hair.

"Positive. The Ragnarok is not picking up any life signs."

Laguna nodded and then turned his head to look at the tall strawberry blonde standing next to him. "He, wasn’t a student of yours was he?"

Quistis didn’t say anything, and simply slumped into a chair.

"Look, there’s still time to revive him with a life spell, or a phoenix down, I’m sure we have something we can use..." Laguna suggested.

Quistis shook her head. "No, that’s okay. When every student joins Balamb Garden for training, they are given a choice."

"That choice being?" Laguna asked, knowing he wasn’t going to like the answer.

"That choice, is to be revived or not during an exam. That Cadet, opted that he shouldn’t be revived if he died. Even if he did, I couldn’t agree with prolonging his suffering."

"Understood." Kiros said as he turned to Ward who sat in the seat next to him. "We should go."

Ward nodded his head, and flipped the ignition switch.


Meanwhile Amalia and Crystal met up with Xu, and Devin on the last evacuating SEED regulation ship. Nida as well was in the small group, and all watched in mute silence as the three SEEDs Quistis had sent, tended to the bodies that Andrew Birds Squad had found.

Everyone was tired, it had been a long night, and the fighting had worn everyone out. Though Sleep was the last thing on everybody’s mind.

As far as Xu knew, there was only one person left on Garden and that was Headmaster Cid. Gripping the package in her hands, she moved from the seating area, and moved to the top uppermost deck. There was room enough for one person to stand there.

With the wind messing her hair, and pulling at her clothes she watched as several ships, and now, even the Two Ragnarok ships pull away from Balamb Garden which was now on a collision course for a tall ice burg at full speed.

It took only a matter of moments, or what seemed to her a few moments when Balamb Garden crashed, into the ice burg, and soon was exploding in several areas where bombs had been placed as a precautionary measure to ensure that the monsters within were destroyed.

Balamb Garden was no more.

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