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FF8: Edeas Garden

Chapter 6: Pence, Olette and Jay.

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Chapter 6:

Pence, Olette and Jay.

Galbadia Garden. The large, and bright red military home to the SEED's of Galbadia. Also the home of Martine, the Headmaster of Galbadia Garden. Different from Balamb Garden, which dealt with Garden Fighters, Galbadia Garden dealt with pure military tactics. Not only did they have proper technological war toys at their finger tips, their trainers and teachers were tough. Balamb Garden was in fact, more peaceful then Galbadian Garden when one thought of it. Which was why Martine wanted the three youngest students to transfer over to Balamb Garden. The three just weren't cut out for the intense training, and he felt that perhaps their natural abilities would be strengthened when they received their first GF.

Standing outside of Galbadian Garden, Martine regarded the three children in his charge. Pence an eight year old youth with black hair in dreads held off his face with a black headband. A very smart kid when it came to technical jobs and computers. The kid didn't even have to look at a manual and he'd know what to do with any given technical equipment.

Sporting a black shirt, and gray pants. The young youth leaned against the wall and talked quietly with a young female with a heart shaped face and light brown hair that was long on the sides and slightly spiky on the back of her head. This young girl wore a plain orange top, and black shorts, and on her arms black pieces of fabric wrapped around up to the elbow. Her name was Olette, a brilliant young woman at the age of nine, who had a latent ability to manipulate water without so much as drawing the required spell from a water based monster.

Then there was Jay. A young youth with light yellow hair, hanging loosely over his green eyes. Sporting an unusual outfit of a white shirt, and dark green pants. One pant leg higher then the other. Topped off with a dark green coat that hung open on his torso, and the sleeves torn off. Jay was an unusual guy, even at the young age of ten. The boy had an uncanny ability for fighting with any bladed weapon, but he wasn't as easy going as Pence or Olette. In fact, Jay, was the most distant of the three students.

Martine sighed, and hoped that Balamb Garden's ways might change Jay for the better, but it was a slight hope. A solitary white lining in gray clouds.

Today was the day that Squall, one of the famous SEED's that defeated Ultimicia, and the Military leader of Balamb Garden would come to take the three students to Balamb. Martine was more then happy to meet the tall brunette once more. On far better terms then before, when he had issued the orders to assassinate the Sorceress Edea. After all, it was a more peaceful time.

At four hundred hours on the dot, the massive large white and blue Garden arrived and landed a short distance from Galbadia, and the tall youth wearing his black leather coat with a white fur collar, black jeans, and a white Balamb shirt stepped out onto the grounds from the front gate of the garden.

He wasn't alone, however. Beside him, was another youth, roughly around the age of eight. Wearing a white shirt, and green and black pants in the pattern of an old fashioned army. His hair was brown and cropped short above the ears, and his green eyes looked very haunted. Martine also noticed how similar this youth looked in his facial expression to Squall as well.

'Curious.' Martine thought to himself as the two drew closer to them. 'That must be the orphan from Deling, Headmaster Cid told me about. Very curious indeed.'

Taking in the two's approach Martine then noticed the headset that Squall wore on his head, a slim black cord trailing down to his hip, and plugged into an odd looking device that was clipped onto one of his belts that he wore. One hand was firmly placed over his right ear as he spoke softly into it.

Martine filed it away with an assortment of other new things he had seen coming out of Balamb garden lately, and stood tall and at attention when Squall's voice reached his ears.

"That's right. Get Zell, Selphie, and Seifer together in the briefing room. They need to be there when I get back."


Xu sighed and took the communications headset off her head and looked at Nida, the pilot of Balamb Garden. "Well, I'm off. Squall asked me to get Selphie, Zell, and Seifer together in the briefing room."

"You sure that's such a good idea?" Nida asked as he turned from the large steering stick and looked at his long time friend. "I mean, Selphie and Seifer in the same room together?" He said driving the point of his worry home.

"Oh Hyne." Xu muttered, "I guess I better get security in on it too." She said standing on the platform and offering Nida a brief smile before the platform activated and sank down to the lower levels of the bridge, which was once Cid Kramer's office.

Spotting two strong looking male security SEEDS she motioned them to follow her.

"What's up Boss?" One of them, a red hair and brown eyed man with freckles asked.

"I'll need you to do security detail on Seifer." Xu explained as they walked towards the elevator.

"Sure, we have no problem with that. Afraid he's going to cause trouble?" The other, a black haired, tall and dark skinned youth asked.

"Ah, that's the thing. We all know that Cid let him off, and gave him a second chance here. What I'm worried about is Selphie. Nida and I are worried that Selphie may have an out burst or try to pick a fight with Seifer." Xu explained as the elevator went down to the main floor. "The trick, is to make Selphie think that you're there for her protection, not Seifers." Xu added.

"So, you mean to tell me that we're actually going to protect the guy who tried to feed Squall's girlfriend to Adel?" The black haired youth asked, his eyebrow slightly twitching, the dislike of the job evident.

Xu turned on her heel and looked at the two guards. "Look, I don't like Seifer much either, but Selphie's been lashing out against Seifer and his two cronies ever since they got back. I want to avoid a fight between the biggest male jerk, and the what could possibly be the most resentful girl in the entire garden. Your job is to each pick a student and keep them both at bay. If those two actually got into a fight, I don't know who would come out as the winner."

"Sure, I can deal." the red haired youth said shrugging. "It don't bother me at all which one I get. That stuff is in the past, it's time everyone moved on." He said softly looking at his friend, and placing a hand on his shoulder. "Why don't you go get Selphie, with Xu." He said nodding at his boss. "I'll go get Seifer. I heard Squall put him in the brig. It's Zell's shift so Seifer should be no problem."

Xu nodded and filed away the red haired youths name in her mind, for a promotion. Clearly this guy took his job seriously and was just what Balamb Garden needed when it came to getting the job done. Xu liked his attitude. It was fresh, and different from all the accusations that were nothing more then potshot insults to get the three "traitors" as almost everyone referred to them, to leave. If Xu had more people like that under her command, her job would be much more easy. "Oh, and bring Zell too. Squall said he's to be in the briefing room too." She said as the elevator door opened and the three walked down the steps and split up in search of the three newest role model guardians, for the new transfer students.


Squall shook Martines hand after discussing the reasons for the transfer, and looked over the three new youths. Not really knowing what exactly to do. Martine not missing a beat whistled sharply and the three students turned their heads and looked towards Squall, Hayner, and Himself.

"Pence, Jay, Olette." Martine barked and the three students got in line and stood tall at attention. "This is Squall Leonheart. Military leader of Balamb Garden. He's here to bring you to Balamb Garden, and get you settled down with your new guardians. Any Questions?"

Pence saluted and looked at Squall. "Will there be any computers sir?"

"There are computers in the second floor classroom, and in the library. The headmaster is looking into installing non networked computers into the dorms as well, for study in your own time." Squall answered. "Next question."

Olette smiled sheepishly and saluted as well. "Is there a swimming pool, or any place within Balamb Garden that has water?"

Squall shook his head no, and looked as the girls smile fade into a frown. "However, there are a few areas with fountain structures near the Quad, Dr. Kadawoki's office, as well as a man made pond in the training center. I advise that you steer clear of the training center at all costs. Live monsters bread for training are kept there."

Before Squall could ask for a next question Jay moved forward and looked at Squall and Hayner. "I ain't got no question. Except this. How often do we get shore leave?"

Squall inwardly sighed, noting that this Jay fellow had a very familiar attitude. But keeping in line he answered. "We have shore leave every weekend when we're in the vicinity of a town or City."

"I can live with that." Jay said nodding and walking towards Balamb Garden.

Martine sighed and looked at Squall apologetically. "I am sorry, he's one of our trouble students."

"I think we can handle it." Squall answered turning on his heel. "Come on kids. We have a long day ahead of us."

Pence looked at Olette. "Is this really the man responsible for leading the SEEDs of Balamb to Ultimecia's defeat?" He asked Olette as the two followed behind Squall at a fair distance away.

"Who knows." Olette shrugged. "Still, living in Balamb has got to be a lot better then living with the Galbadian SEEDS." She said scrunching her nose up. "They're all military junkies."

"No kidding. I never did feel like I fit in there." Pence agreed with a nod. "Well, here's hoping that things will be more suited for us here at Balamb." Pence said with a grin.


Zell sat on the chair at the front desk to the Brig and idly flipped through a fighters magazine, when the sound of someone knocking on the door caught his attention. Getting up out of his seat, and tossing the tattered and well worn magazine away Zell went and opened the door.

"Security guard Mark Ferral reporting as requested to pick up Seifer at Xu's request." The red haired youth said as he saluted at Zell, who returned it in kind.

"Dude, seriously, you don't need to be so formal." Zell said as he moved to go back to the desk and grab the key to the door to Seifer's cell.

"Yeah well, you're supposed to go to. According to Xu, Squall wants you, Seifer and Selphie in the briefing room."

"Ah, I get it." Zell said with a smirk. "Don't worry Mark, my lips are sealed." Zell said with a dry chuckle. 'Leave it to Xu, to take proper precautions to avoid a fight.' Zell thought as the door slid open and the light shone on Seifer who sat alone on a solitary bench his head in his hands.

Seifer looked up, his eyes looking somewhat different to what was usually in those eyes. Zell noticed. "Yo. Time to report for duty." Zell said hiking his thumb over his shoulder. "Mark Ferral there is to make sure you don't do anything stupid. After all you'll be in the same room as Selphie."

"Oh." Seifer said standing up. "Do you people really think that wild cat needs protecting from me? You should be more worried about that womanizer Irvine." Seifer said with a smirk as Zell handed him his trench coat.

"Well come on. Let's go." Zell said grabbing his gloves and pulling them on. "Xu may think Selphie needs protecting, but given the circumstances I ain't taking my chances. I've seen Selphie fight, and when push comes to shove she fights like a mad woman." Zell muttered darkly as he put a hand on Seifers shoulder. "So here's the deal. I'll protect you from Selphie."

"Don't touch me." Seifer said with a smirk. "Or else people will start thinking you're gay."

Zell shrugged and looked at Mark. "Come on, lets go."


"What! I don't need protection from that traitor." Selphie seethed. "He need's protection from me!" The girl said, totally livid at the idea of Xu assigning her a personal body guard.

"Now see here Selphie! You're going to be in the same room as Seifer. Squall and I want to avoid a fight! So I took the needed precautions to avoid such." Xu said rubbing her temples and leaning against the door frame. "So lets just go and get this over with!"

"Fine." Selphie said glaring at Xu. "I'll go."

"Good." Xu said nodding at the tall and dark skinned youth, "Let's go."

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