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FF8: Edeas Garden

Chapter 5: Confrontation with Seifer.

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Chapter 5:

Confrontation with Seifer.

The day was a bright and warm, breezy affair as the slimmer model of the Ragnarok ship from Esther landed in the newly constructed hanger bay where the cars had once been stored, next to the older one that had once been the home to several monsters that Rinoa and Squall defeated with the aid of their summons.

Laguna was beside himself with joy, at the prospect of meeting his new grandson and the excitement was catching. Ellone all but hurried out of the ship when it landed and tackled Squall in a hug her eyes shining in merriment.

"Where is he! I want to meet him!" She practically shouted in her mirth. "Uncle Laguna is beside himself in excitement."

Squall blinked at the sudden barrage of commentary from Ellone and held her back from him at arms length.

"Ellone..?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "What the heck are you talking about?"

"Why, I'm talking about your son!" She gibbered and hugged him again. "Uncle Laguna said you called yesterday and wanted to ask me for tips. So come on, where is he?" She said peeking over his shoulder.

Squall moved out of Ellones embrace and slapped his forehead, and groaned. "Hyne, I don't have a son. I'm just a guardian to a new student." He said under his breath. "Where did he get such a crazy idea like that?"

Ellone blinked and looked at Squall. "You mean that you're not a father? That you didn't adopt?" She asked as she realized that Laguna had made a mistake and jumped to conclusions. Squall nodded his head and jammed his hands into his pockets, a gesture so much like his fathers Ellone couldn't help but giggle. "Oh dear. I guess Uncle Laguna made a mistake."

"That's the understatement of the year." Squall muttered under his breath.

"Squall, my boy!" Laguna shouted, as he walked towards the two, his arms overloaded with bags from various Esthar shops. "Where's my grandson?" He asked beaming his smile going from ear to ear.

Ellone tittered and looked at Laguna and then back to Squall. "Oh dear. He's going to be so upset. He spent so much money out of his own pocket to buy gifts." She giggled.

"I.." Squall started moving forward to help his father with his bags.

"He's currently starting classes." Cid said as he and Edea Kramer walked forward after entering the hanger. "New term for all new students starts today. It's just an orientation though. Tomorrow actual classes start." Laguna nodded and then turned to Squall.

"Well, I guess that's okay then. I'll meet Hayner after the orientation." He said still beaming while Squall shot Cid a look that clearly said that things had better be explained before things got out of hand.

"Squall, please take your guests to the guest dorms." Edea said quietly as she smiled darkly at Laguna and Ellone.

"Yes, Ma'am." Squall said as he led Ellone, Laguna, Kiros and Ward towards the doorway leading into the inside of Balamb Garden. The walk was quick, and soon the guests were settled into their rooms. Kiros and Ward in one, while Laguna and Ellone shared another. Standing awkwardly at the door to Laguna and Ellones room, Squall regarded his father. A boisterous, loud and somewhat clumsy man. 'I still think he's a moron.' He thought to himself.

Having previously witnessed Laguna's past, via Ellones latent abilities, Squall got to know how his father used to be. Yet he could also understand his parental feelings for Ellone. While they were not truly related, Laguna had often felt protective of Ellone when she was a child. Shaking his head of such thoughts Squall stepped into the room and sat down on a soft overstuffed chair.

Laguna was currently going through all his packages he had purchased for Hayner, and Ellone was grinning at his overly abundant child like glee.

"Think he'll like this?" Laguna asked as he passed a box of a model train set to Squall.

"I really don't know." Squall said as his eyebrow twitched, and handed it back. "He just arrived yesterday. He's still getting settled down."

"Right. Okay." Laguna said starting to put everything back into the bags. "Anyway, we'll be staying here for a week at most. Presidential vacation and all."

Ellone giggled. "Uncle Laguna's fibbing." She said as she poked him on the arm. "He just wanted an excuse to leave Esthar to see you." She explained with a smile.

"I can't stay very long though." Squall said with a sigh. "After the orientation, I have to go pick up Hayner and then go to the rendezvous point and pick up the last three transfer students."

"Ah." Laguna said stretching and then rubbing the back of his head. "When will you and Hayner be available for a family diner? I was hoping you two would come visit."

"Well, not today. Perhaps tomorrow." Squall said awkwardly, as he checked the time. "In fact I still have to talk to Seifer.." He muttered.

"What? Isn't he the guy who..?" Laguna asked as he looked at Ellone.

"Well. Yeah, he's the same guy." Squall said shrugging.

"Why is he still here?" Laguna growled. "He kidnapped Ellone for Hynes sake!"

"Because he's still apart of Balamb." Squall answered standing up and regarding his father. "Look, we don't want trouble. Seifer, Raijin, and Fujin are having a hard time as it is from other students here for what took place in the past. The headmaster and I offered them a second chance, and so far nothing too horrible has happened. Aside from random fights."

Laguna sighed and nodded. "Alright, we won't cause any trouble." He promised and then yawned. "I think I'll go take a nap."

"You do that. I'll leave now, and go try to find Seifer."

"Squall?" Ellone said standing up. "May I come with you?" She asked. "I'd like to actually meet Seifer. I mean, it has been a long time since I saw him. Oh, no. I don't mean since he kidnapped me, I'm referring to our days in the orphanage." Ellone explained when she saw Squall's mute look of surprise on his face.

"Suit yourself Sis." Squall said nodding and walking to the door. "While we look we can talk about why I was trying to get a hold of you."


"WIMP." Fujin said as she kicked Raijin on the leg and glared at him from her good eye. "IDIOT!" She grunted.

"Now, now Fujin. Don't be so hasty and blame him." Seifer said as he sat down on a bench not far from the guest dorms. "You should consider it a stroke of luck that we're even allowed to stay here." He muttered darkly. "There's no point in trying to beat Raijin up because of what some idiot Junior Classman said to us."

"Yeah man." Raijin muttered hopping around on one leg holding the other. "They're just still a little ticked at us yah know?"

"BAH!" Fujin said crossing her arms over her chest and relenting.

"There's a good Fujin." Seifer cackled, his smile a cross between a sneer and genuine smile.

"ELLONE?" Fujin said grabbing Seifer's arm and pointing suddenly towards Squall who was walking next to the girl that was the main cause for the Garden War. "HERE, WHY?" Fujin asked.

"How the hell should I know?" Seifer said shrugging and standing up when the two stopped in front of them.

"Seifer." Squall said nodding his head briefly.

"Squall." Seifer returned.

"Seifer, Fujin, Raijin." Ellone said smiling awkwardly.

"Ellone." Seifer grunted as he ran his hand through his hair. "What brings you here to Balamb Garden?"

"Oh. A family vacation." She answered regarding the blonde haired man, who wore a white t-shirt, and a pair of black slacks, topped off with a trade mark gray trench coat.

"Come off it." Seifer sneered. "You two aren't even related." He said raising his arms slightly and looking up at the ceiling far above their heads. "You certainly didn't get your powers from that bumbling oaf Laguna, nor Squall's mommy. You were an orphan, just like the rest of us Ellone."

"Now you see here Seifer. I may have been an orphan like everyone else, but Raine and Uncle Laguna took care of me after my parents died. I may not be directly related to Squall or Uncle Laguna, but they are my family!" Ellone snapped.

"Details, details." Seifer said as he looked back Ellone his eyes shining with a dangerous look. "They may treat you like family, but that doesn't change the fact that technically you're not."

"You're still as mean spirited as ever." Ellone said quietly her voice shaking with anger. "My god, I hope you get eaten by a T-Rex." She spat at him and turned on her heel preparing to leave.

"PATHETIC." Fujin said her good eye looking at Ellones back. "STILL HOLD GRUDGE."

Ellone blinked and turned glaring at Fujin, who was standing to the right of Seifer. "Why you... Take that back, right this moment!" She said lunging at Fujin who didn't flinch, standing still and looking bored.

"ELLONE!" Squall shouted as he stepped forward and held her back. "Ellone, I think it's best you go back to your room." He said wearily.

"Let go of me Squall. That woman needs to be slapped." Ellone seethed.


"Dude, calm down yah know. Fujin is just stating a fact. You're probably still ticked off at us for that whole kidnapping you. Yah know?" Raijin said moving forward to help Squall keep Ellone at bay.

"AFFIRMATIVE." Fujin said shrugging and turning on her heel. "BORED NOW. I GO." She added and walked away.

"Oh hey! Wait for me Fujin!" Raijin said as he looked at Squall apologetically and let Ellone go and followed his friend at a light jog.

Ellone slumped against Squall still shaking as she looked at Seifer, her eyes making contact with him and not looking away.

"Have you had your fill Ellone? Had enough of staring at the monster who had you kidnapped for the Sorceress?" He said gruffly. "Had your fun, facing your fears?"

"Seifer, stop it." Squall said gruffly.

"Make me." Seifer said.

"Fine, I will. Report to the brig, and tell Zell I sent you for causing un due stress and trouble on the Esthar Presidents niece."

Seifer's sneer faded away and he looked at Squall with confusion in his eyes. "Look man, I didn't mean any of it. I was just joking around." He said.

"Some joke! You made fun of me, and then you bring up something like that." Ellone muttered still quivering with anger. "I willingly came here to see how you were doing." She added softly, "Yet, I can see you're just as horrible as I remember you!" She said moving away from Squall and burying her face in her hands and running back towards the guest rooms.

"I didn't mean..." Seifer said looking at Squall.

"Whatever. Just get yourself to the brig. I'll talk to you later about your new assignments from the headmaster."

"Damn it!" Seifer said slinking away and muttering to himself in anger.

"Hyne." Squall said rubbing his temples as he felt a headache forming. "Laguna's going to be pissed."

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