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FF8: Edeas Garden

Chapter 2: For the Love of Hyne..

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Chapter 2:

For the Love of Hyne..

"Well this is it." Squall said as he opened the door with a key card and it swished aside with a swoosh of air. "This is where we'll both be living from now on. Till you're older at least."

Hayner said nothing but squeezed Squalls hand tighter, making his hand throb slightly. "Whoa, ease the grip Hayner." Squall said as he turned and bent down to look at the wide eyes that regarded him with a dead pan expression. "Look," Squall faltered, "I know it isn't very big or cool. The furnishings could be changed to something better too..." Squall trailed off noticing that Hayner was looking right at him, not even changing his facial expression. Squall licked his lips and tried again. "It doesn't look very welcoming does it?" Hayner said nothing and let the small Balamb Garden bag which his newly bought clothing was kept in, drop to the floor with a thud. He then turned away from Squall letting go of his hand and moved into the room and stood by the table.

"Well alright then." Squall said grabbing the bag and standing up. "Which room would you like?" He asked as he flipped on the light switch. Then watched what Hayner would do. He wasn't surprised when all Hayner did was point to the room to the right. "Well alright then. Lets get your things unpacked." He said stepping past him and into what was once his very own room back before he became a SEED.

Tossing the Balamb bag onto the bed he opened the small closest next to the bedroom door and took out some hangers. Pausing he turned when he felt Hayner tug on the sleeve of his leather coat. "Yes?" He asked looking at the youth, waiting for some type of response.

Hayner pointed to the bag and then unzipped it. Digging around he pulled out a picture and pointed to a young tall girl with brown hair wearing a sea green dress, and a blue sheer fabric wrapped around her arms. Squall took the picture and sat down. He had no idea that this Hayner had known Ellone, and was rather taken aback.

"You know Sis?" He asked regarding the picture.

Hayner nodded and then pointed to the picture.

"Ellone." He said quietly.

"That's right, that's her name. How did you two meet?" Squall said patting the bed indicating the young boy to sit next to him, which he quickly did and started to rummage though the bag once more. Successful in finding another photo, this one much older, and tattered. He pointed to it and said. "Mom. Esther. Ellone friend."

"I see." Squall said, not really understanding the complexity of what Hayner had just said, but Hayner continued talking in his slow, forced way.

"Bad men take mom. Mom... magic user."

Squall blinked suddenly realizing the similarities between Hayner's own story, and that of Ellone's own story when she had been kidnapped to be studied as a test subject in the wacky Dr. Odine's experiments.

"I think I understand now." Squall said as he looked at Hayner sadly. "Your mom was like Sis Ellone. A possible heir to Adel's powers. So as a young child she was taken to Esthar." Hayner looked at Squall with wide eyes, a glimmer of faint understanding in his eyes. "She told you this story?" Squall asked quietly.

Hayner shook his head no, and then tapped his forehead. "Just. Know." He whispered.

"Oh, well. Okay then. Lets get everything else put away and get.."

"Knock knock!" Came the voice of Selphie as she peeked her head into the door way. "Found you!" She said smiling at Squall who idly put the picture on the desk across from the bed. "You two males left the door open so I thought that I might stop by and see if any of you needed help?" She inquired as she bounced from foot to foot.

"Hey Selphie." Squall said standing up and looking at Hayner who was once again stone faced and looking at Selphie the previous signs of any progress to get the boy to be more open gone. "We were just unpacking his things, and then we were going to get something to eat."

"Oh, oh! Hot dogs are all gone. Zell got the last one. Yet, I think I can help get him settled. Why don't you go on ahead and get us a table at the cafeteria?" She said all but pushing him out the door, and taking the key card out of his pocket. "I'll lock up here. You go on and get us the table."


"Go on shoo!" She she said sticking her tongue out at him as he turned to look at her. "Go on, get going! We'll be really quick okay?"

"Are you sure?" Squall asked peeking over Selphie's shoulder to look at Hayner who was quietly placing things on the hangers Squall had put on the bed.

"Yes! Now go!" Selphie said grinning.

"Whatever." Both Squall and Selphie said at the same time and Selphie grinned.

"Still as predictable as ever." She giggled and then pushed him out into the hallway and slammed her hand on the 'close door' switch leaving a very flustered Squall in the hallway kicked out of his own place of residence.

"Well I'll be, she actually got you to leave." Zell said with an amused chuckle.

Squall turned on his heel and then pressed his hand against his forehead.

"What is this! A conspiracy against me?"

"Lighten up boss man. She's just trying to help. You remember how those kids at Trabia Garden looked up to her. She just wants to make sure the kids doing okay."

Squall sighed and then shook his head. "Fine. Lets go get a table at the cafeteria."

"Why Squall I didn't know you cared about me!" Zell said batting his eyelashes at Squall like a ridiculous female.

"Stop that." Squall growled. "You look like an idiot."

"Ah." Zell said linking arms with him and pulling him down the dorm hallway. "Just admit it. You love me."

"People are starting to stare.." Squall hissed, yanking his arm out of Zell's grip. "Lets just go, okay."

"Yes Sir!" Zell said grinning like a goof and saluting. "By the way, is this a date?" He asked, winking.

"Oh, for the love of Hyne..." Squall said stalking off, trying hard not to laugh.


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