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FF8: Edeas Garden

Chapter 11: Connection to the Past.

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Chapter 11:
Connection to the Past.

Ellone sighed as she was led into the brig. Already she had a bad feeling just by being in the place. She could hear Squall and Seifer talking in low tones, but most of what they said was covered by the loud angry yells of a child who seemed to be having a temper tantrum.

Raijin made a face and wrinkled his nose. "I’ve always hated this place. Reminds me too much of those old fashioned jail cells yah know?" Ellone didn’t say anything. She had a feeling that Squall was going to ask her to use her powers, for something. She’d do it of course but after that she’d have to have a stern talking with him about such things. Her mind made up she held her head high and walked down the hall and around the corner.

"I’m here, as asked." Ellone said crossing her arms over her chest. "What is it?" She asked not too thrilled about the possibility if her assumptions were right. Squall turned away from Seifer, and looked at Ellone.

"Good, you’re here." Squall said getting down to the point. "It seems there was a fight between Hayner, and Seifers charge while Seifer, Selphie, Zell, and I were in a briefing about our new student assignments."

"I see." Ellone said with a sigh. "Let me guess, you need me to send you into the past." She guessed as her eyebrow twitched.

"Yeah." Squall said not missing the tone in her voice.

"Fine." Ellone said. "Mind you Squall, you and I are going to have to have a talk when this is done." She added as she looked at Seifer who got out of the chair to let her sit down.

Ellone sighed and looked at everyone present and then nodded at the young boy who stood the furthest away from the group. "Don’t worry." She said with a smile, reading in Hayners eyes the worried expression. "It’ll just seem like they’re asleep." She said closing her eyes and concentrating.

"I... know." Hayner whispered before sitting down.


There it was. The tell tale prick at the back of Squalls mind. The odd floating, tired sensation of feeling sleepy. Loosing balance, Squall fell forward.

"Whoa man! Is he okay!" Raijin asked as he started forward, but then Seifer too fell to the floor, in a heap, soon followed by Fujin, and himself.


"Hey Kid. Yeah you, the silent one. Why’d you get sent to this place?" Jay asked the silent Hayner while they worked on filling out their course forums. To Jay’s dislike Hayner said nothing, ignoring Jay.

[Just like Squall used to be. Heh. This should be interesting.]

"Come on. Speak, or don’t you know how?" Jay prodded.

Hayner looked up at Jay, and shrugged. Preferring to go back to his work.

[What the? Oh man! This is.. this is the library.]

"Not the talkative type are you. Not that it matters, I’ve seen your type before. Got to be careful with the silent ones. They tend to go insane."

[... This kid, is going to be trouble.]

"Shut up!" Hayner growled, his eyes small slits. "Just shut up."

"You are such a baby."

[This really reminds me of Squall, it’s like he spawned or something.]

"You going to cry now?" Jay mocked. "Going to cry like a girl?"


"Jay! Stop it!"


"Yeah Jay! Don’t antagonize him!"

[Dude! What is this? I’m some... Kid... with dreads?]

"Bah, why should I listen to you?"

"Just stop it right now! Garden rule 8 section B: Line 52 states that in garden fighting is strictly prohibited!"

[Can’t believe Xu still spouts rules like that...]

"Like I care." Jay said.

[Real trouble...]

"Now see here. Stop it right this instant."

[She’s defiantly not mom material.]

"Miss Xu! This isn’t good."


"I know!"

"Need a hand fair lady? It seems you have your hands full."

"By all means! Help me sperate these two!"

"With pleasure."

[God, this guy is such a womanizer.]

"What the! Let me go!"

[That explains why Jay was floating.]




[I’m here Squall.]

[I think I’ve seen enough.]


[Yeah Ellone?]

[I... I can’t disconnect.]




[Are the others here too?]

[Yo. I’m here, what’s going on?]

[Oh for hyne’s sake!]

[Squall, I’m scared! You’re all in my head.]

[Are you sleeping like last time?]

[No Squall. I’m not. I’m wide awake, and all four of you are sleeping.]

[Okay Sis. Just calm down. Maybe you need to see something yourself?]

[I don’t know.]

[What the hell is going on man!]

[Everybody! Shut up!]

[Look, just do whatever that needs to be done to get disconnected, and be done with this. My face is starting to feel funny.]

[Seifer.. Shut up!]

[Make me Ellone.]


[Uh. Okay.]

[Okay. Everybody remain calm.]


[Okay, dude. You’re the leader.]

[Just hurry up.]

[Ellone. have you had this problem before?]

[Only when I’ve fallen asleep.]

[You say you’re awake now?]

[Yes Squall. But I can’t disconnect, what should I do?]

[Hayner’s awake correct?]

[Yes, he and Jay are un affected.]

[Good. Tell Hayner to get Xu. Xu will know what to do.]


Ellones eyes snapped open as she looked around. Everyone was still asleep, and she could hear their thoughts in her head.

"Hayner..?" She whispered quietly, her voice weak for some reason.

The young youth was kneeling by Squall’s head, a hand resting lightly on Squalls shoulder. Looking up Hayner’s eyes made contact with Ellones.

"Hayner, Squall says.." Ellone whispered as she herself slumped in her chair exhausted.

Hayner blinked and stood up and hurried over to Ellone, his eyes wide with confusion.

"I can’t disconnect. I can hear all of them in my head." Ellone explained as she grew sleepy. "It’s making me really tired."

"What the hell is going on?!" Jay shouted from the bench in the darkness of the cell. Yet nobody gave him an answer.

Turning on his heel Hayner ran around the corner and down the hallway, slamming into the shut door and fumbling with the handle in his haste. After a few tries he pushed the door open, with a bang.

The loud noise disturbed Xu who had decided to take the time to grab a nap in the chair. With a startled expression she jolted awake and looked at Hayner who without so much as a word started to tug on her hand and pull her towards the door leading to the cells.

"Hayner!" Xu squawked as she was dragged down the hallways, "what’s ..." Xu stopped in mid sentence as they turned the corner.

Ellone sat weakly in the chair, her face pale.

"Hey Xu." She whispered, her voice cracking. "We’ve got a bit of a problem."

"Hyne!" Xu said as she bent down and pulled off Squall’s communications headset from his neck and slapped it on her own head, twisting a dial on the large ear piece to her own frequency. "Code 77!" She barked. "I need strong able people to help transport five people to Kadawoki's office! Hurry!" Taking matters into her own hands she looked at Ellone and sighed. The young woman had fallen asleep from pure exhaustion.

"What happened?" She asked out loud to no one in particular. Going from person to person to check their pulses. "Hyne." She muttered as she realized that Squall and the others were probably still junctioned to their summons. Screaming into the headset she barked new orders. "I want Irvine, Selphie, Zell, and Quistis to meet me in the Dr’s office! That’s an order!"

Hayner stood not far from where Xu was and slid down the wall and sat down on the ground. "Xu..?" He whispered, but she paid no attention to him. "... Something’s coming." He finished and rubbed his hands on his temples and he too collapsed to the ground.

"Oh boss lady." Jay called with a chuckle. "The crybaby’s dead to the world."

"What? Oh no..." Xu moaned to herself as she looked at Hayner who was now in a deep sleep as well. "What in the name of Hyne is going on here!"

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